(These are some thoughts I got while reading the inspiring book by James D.Watson “Avoid boring people and other lessons from a life in science.” Maybe I will give a full summary on the lessons from the book later.)

Before performing an experiment, ask yourself (or your instructor, if you dare) these questions:

+ What is this experiment all about? What are its objectives?
+ Are these objectives really worth achieving? Why do you think so?
+ By what theory/reason that we should believe the experiment will really fulfill the objectives? Are there any reasons to fear it will not fulfill the objectives?
+ Can the objectives be achieved by other methods?
If so, what is the best method (in the point of highest probability to achieve the full objectives), and why are we choosing this method?
If not, what is that made the objectives so hard to be achieved, and why is this method can overcome the obstacles while others can’t?


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